Wait… Did She Say Ghost Hunt?


Sometime this fall I will be having a ghost hunt, but we haven’t decided on the exact location yet. Who knows, it might be more than one location.

Why am I interested?

Well, it kind of all goes back to my first experience. A house I grew up in, between middle school and through high school, gave me a ton of experiences, as my room, and my sister’s room, was in the basement. Not only were things moving on their own and beds being sat on when no one was there, I once personally saw a young girl go down the stairs to the basement. I followed her and looked everywhere, but she was gone.

I’ve tried at the local library to get information about anybody that could’ve lived in the house before, and more about the tunnel system that runs under Big Rapids, in case it was related to that or the land itself and not just the house, but have found very little.

I have since had other experiences in other places I have lived; the worst for activity was staying at my mother’s house overnight to care for my disabled brother while she slept. I did this a few times a week. Outside doors opening and closing, shadows walking across his room toward his bed, but it was mostly in the form of voices. They were not telling me to do things, but yelling (and swearing) at me to listen when I tried to ignore them, rattling off numbers that lined up with social security numbers, dates, etc. leading me to believe I am either Clairaudient, or crazy 😂 You be the judge.

I would also have dreams on occasion of something happening outside of where I lived, some with demonic or evil entities (one in particular that said it wanted my husband and laughed when I invoked the name of Jesus) and waking up to see large spider-like creatures scaling my bedroom wall before dissipating. My husband was always more the ‘seer’ (a man in the house, etc) while I was the ‘hearer’, but these were some of the few visual instances. It was something that scared me, but when I started to open up and share my experiences with my family members, I realized I wasn’t alone. It seems we all had a knack for sensing beyond, though none of us dared to hone the gift.

Honestly, I could fill a small novel with the weird s**t that I’ve experienced, especially on a trip to New Orleans, but at the same time, I’ve always felt like someone’s had my back; like even if bad found it’s way to me, a force made me stronger than them, so I could dismiss them.

When I started having children, I prayed to turn it off. And honestly, after the trauma of losing my son, my mind closed up for a long time. And it made me happy, because I had enough to deal with. In our current home, under protection, all we get is what we call ‘ghost kitty’ at times; like a creature rubbing against your legs or laying on/next to you on bed when your own animals are nowhere to be seen. And that, I can deal with.

Though there is still a fear in me as a mother that I might invite things that scare my children, I know how to set boundaries and protection for them now, to stop anything from following me home with commands and my strength and resolve, so I can pursue my interest/quest for knowledge further without putting myself or others in danger.

So, we occasionally (my husband and close friends) seek answers, and I help others with cleansing their houses if they are in fear (even if whatever is there is harmless).

Someday I hope to hone my gift; not to make money on some psychic tv show, but to find out how I can help souls move on; because honestly, death isn’t my biggest fear. Being stuck in my death state is.

So if you’re interested, I will be putting up videos on my YouTube channel in the future about our findings.

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