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Hello everyone!

We are coming up on my most favorite time of the year: Fall, where I will be busy with events and of course, writing!

First up is the deadline for the Amazon contest, August 31, when I will be releasing the fantasy ‘Oh My Merman!’ I will attach a sample of the work below.

I will be attending Rock 4 Vets in Evart, Michigan on September 12th. Festivities start at 1pm. I hope to see you there to support our heroes!

Next is my author signing at Witches Day Out on October 9th, from 3-8pm in downtown Ortonville, Michigan. Not only will I be selling and signing my books, I will also have an array of crafts as well in my stall, which will be outdoors, so bring a jacket!

There is no definitive date yet, but I will be hosting a ghost hunt in October as well. Footage will be posted shortly after!

Usually around Halloween I attend the Monster’s Ball in Grand Rapids, but due to how things are there will not be a ball this year. Instead, on November 7th in Flint, I will be attending the Mid-Michigan Paranormal Convention. It’s a fun event, with lots of different people, some of which carry their own unique abilities, and many lectures and vendors as well as palm readings, Reiki, a group reading with a special psychic guest and more!

And lastly, my standalone book ‘Demon Tamer’ has been entered in The National Indie Excellence Book Awards; fantasy category. We won’t know any results until May.

That’s it for now! I will keep everyone updated about the next book coming out at the end of the month. Here’s the synopsis of ‘Oh My Merman!’:

After hearing of a siren kissing a man and becoming human, Crow steals a secret item from his fellow Triton to aid him in his quest, as he desires to make himself human as well.

He is convinced that a kiss, simply from charming women, is the key. And he’ll kiss anyone that will let him! It doesn’t help that he’s a smooth criminal, with the looks to back it up. But no matter how many women he charms, he’s upset to find that he’s still stuck with scales and gills.

Raelynn is a junior in college, majoring in the Marine Science program, and focusing on her dissertation for her senior year. She works hard and prides herself on her grades, though it has always made her an outcast to others as she severely lacks a social life. Everything was going smooth, until she gets stuck with a rude playboy as her class partner, who has zero interest in their final project together. It doesn’t help that her grade depends on his cooperation, either. Outside of school, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with the ego maniac who claims he is from the sea, and for good reason. But some, probably sadistic, God-of-Fate somewhere, keeps pulling them back together. When Crow’s claims are revealed to be true, the left side of her brain can’t help but want to know more about him, all while struggling to avoid his charms.

Crow’s big mouth gains the attention of an obsessive Ichthyologist on campus, who yearns to prove what he saw years ago, before becoming the laughingstock of the scientific community. He believes the merman is here to breed with human women, and being around Raelynn in particular, she is dragged into the chaos that ensues after he makes his move.

Will Crow forsake her to save his own tail? Or will he find out what truly makes one human?

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