Demon Tamer *SPICE*

Rowan lifted Andy in his arms, her legs wrapped around him as their lips desperately collided. What would it be like to be with a lover who actually treated you as if you were everything to them, rather than the careless bites and scratches of those who cared nothing for you? The idea both scared and excited him. What if, ultimately, she were to reject him like everyone else had? It would crush him. No. Andy would never do that to me. They tumbled down onto the soft, grassy bank together, neither one letting up. The sun had fully set and the glow of twilight camouflaged where they lay together, the heat between them growing with each movement. The beast within him clawed at the edge of his reason, threatening to take over and aching for a bite of his witch. Rowan stripped off her cardigan and slipped his calloused hand up her shirt to caress the underside of her breast, flicking her nipple to a point with his thumb. His other hand ripped her shirt up and over her head, allowing him to gaze upon both her supple, pale breasts as he massaged them in his hands. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered in her ear. She gasped as the action caused goosebumps to run down the side of her body. Before she could allow her mind to slip into bliss, Andy caught herself in coy uncertainty. “Should we be doing this out here? In the open?” “I can’t stand to wait another moment,” Rowan swore. “I want to spoil you under the stars, with them as my witness. I want to make you feel for me and only me. But if you don’t want this, tell me now, before I am unable to return to my senses.” Andy gasped for breath as the tip of his tongue teased her nipples further. “Do you want this, Little Witch?” “I do,” she uttered. “But I have to admit, I’ve never done this before.” Rowan raised his head up from her breasts and their eyes met. He tried not to let the puzzling expression he had procured be apparent on his face. How hadn’t this radiant woman been touched in such a way before? It confused him. And yet at the same time, he delighted in the fact that she would be his and only his. The wavering in her eyes told him all he needed to know. She was afraid of the same thing that he was; of rejection. It calmed his insecurities. She continued. “I’m afraid I won’t be anything like the women you’ve been with before.” Rowan smiled as he accepted his mission this night. “I’m counting on it,” his voice reverberated against her mouth before he kissed her lips gently. “Give yourself to me, Andy, and I’ll show you how a woman like you should be worshipped.” She responded by unbuttoning her pants for him. As he pulled them down, along with her underwear, her hands pulled at the hem of his shirt, which he gladly pulled off for her. After touching the tourmaline necklace around his neck, the gift she had given him, her fingers drew shapes along his tawny pectorals and down the front of his abdomen, tracing scares that marred his otherwise perfect body. This action alone had made him harder for her. But now wasn’t the time to get what he had wanted. Now was the time to embrace this goddess that fervently welcomed his touch, and adore her body as the most precious thing he possessed. He knew if he did this for her, he could do no wrong. Pulling her thighs closer to him, he watched her pupils widen as he spread them, exposing her fully to him. He kissed and suckled her sex, allowing his tongue to delve within her, and held her squirming hips immobile in his grip. A smile spread across his devilishly handsome face as she muffled her own moans. “Did you ever think, when you summoned a demon, that he would be nestled between your legs like this?” Her answer came in the form of a whimper escaping her lips and her skin shimmered with the unconscious release of her light magick. “Let it out. No one will be able to hear us here.” His tongue licked and lapped as he lavished in her scent and the trembling of her thighs. Her hands, unable at first to find where they belonged, settled on caressing her own breasts. “Yes, touch yourself for me,” Rowan insisted, humming into her body. His fingers, intended on readying her for more, found their way into her body. First one, then two more joined as she clenched onto him. He moved them back and forth, reaching for that most sacred of spots. “Gods!” she cried. “No, Little Witch. The Gods do not make you feel this way. I do,” he assured her, moving his fingers deeper as they plummeted into her. “Say my name.” “Rowan,” Andy whimpered. “Again.” “Rowan!” “That’s it,” he moaned as his canines grazed her thigh. “Come for me, Little Witch.” Andy’s breaths became rapid as she arched her back and cried out, a flash of luminous power flickering in her eyes as she spasmed in his grasp, clutching desperately, stunningly, to his body. No fangs biting down on him, no claws digging into his flesh, her body simply in pure surrender to his will. He relished in it. “Good girl,” Rowan growled, still moving his fingers shallow enough to extend her orgasm. As she relaxed and caught her breath, he released his pulsing member from its confinement, to lessen the tormenting pressure that built up within him. Andy’s hands instinctively slipped around him, gripping his shaft and stroking slowly. The feral look in her eyes told him she was not content with just that. “Can’t get enough of me, I see,” he smiled. Andy pushed him back into a sitting position, curiously observing the twitch of his member before she dipped her head down, taking him into her mouth. He sucked in his teeth at the warm, moist sensation that enveloped him, and the supple trace of her tongue along the tip of him almost caused his brain to blank on all else around him. “Are you sure your strength isn’t sex magick?” he groaned. That seemed to spark her confidence, as she crawled up his body and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, grinding her hips against his erection. Their lips found each other, softly, silently, before she positioned herself over him and slowly impaled herself on him. They both moaned within each other’s mouths, and he squeezed her buttocks and trailed kisses up her neck as he let her body get used to his size, afraid to move before she was ready. Andy wiggled on him, her body clamping down, before slowly tilting and raising her hips to ride him. Rowan let his little witch take full control, despite the urge to buck up into her with all his might. The demon in him would have to take a back seat tonight, as he knew he needed to show her what it meant to be cherished. Too many a time in his long life he had felt used and discarded, and he never wanted her to feel that way with him. Looking up at her as she enjoyed him was the most erotic thing he had ever experienced. Their breaths intermingled, becoming more ragged as their bodies worked up a sweat. Andy’s pace fastened, and Rowan took the cue to move his hands up onto her hips and guide her to her goal. “Please,” his witch pled with him as she ground her body against his. “That’s it. Take what you want from me. I’ll give it all, and then some,” he groaned. The pressure within them both built until Andy clamped down on him and cried out into the dimming sky, her body aglow with ecstasy. “Irrumabo,” Rowan growled in her ear as he thrust his hips in response, grunting and joining her in orgasm. She rode him until she collapsed into his arms, a trembling, beautiful mess, gasping for the cool evening air. “You milk it like a pro, Little Witch,” he commented, showering her glistening body with kisses. He laid her on the grass and curled his body around her, tucking her head against his chest and rubbing her back until her breaths became normal. “Rowan?” she squeaked out. “Yeah?” She looked up into his eyes and touched his jaw. “Can it be this way forever?” Rowan smirked. “And then some, my Little Witch. And then some.”

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